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A one-stop-solution for all of your digital needs, Pixellence makes sure you get the best in the industry at your doorstep. We understand the amount of efforts you have taken to put your brand in the spotlight. In this digital world with so many facets involved, an entrepreneur is often found juggling with multiple aspects of his business. More often than not, this ends up affecting the core and quality of services on offer. That’s exactly where we come in the picture.

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The Pixellence Promise

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  • Exponentially increase your brand salience.
  • Hotfoot the targeted reach and penetration of your marketing communication.
  • Produce explosive, multi-funnel growth in high-quality leads
  • See the engagement you create drive brand involvement, trust, loyalty, and equity
  • Get the maximum bang for your marketing buck

Then, welcome to Pixellence Web Solutions. We are a Pune based full service web solutions firm specializing in, inter-alia, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Designing, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, and e-Commerce Enablement
Businesses today require a significant paradigm shift in marketing. Today's marketing milieu is such that...

  • In the past 15 yrs, cost of reaching a customer via traditional marketing media has virtually tripled.
  • In 2000, there were ~17 mn websites, in 2010, ~250 mn. Today, there are ~900 mn, and growing exponentially!
  • Avg. urban India internet usage is an incredible 6 hrs/day. Social & professional media consumption is growing, accounting for 1 in every 3 mins spent online.
  • In the past 4 yrs, mobile internet usage has risen from 1.25hrs to 2hrs a day

In such a scenario, it is imperative to have a smart Digital Marketing strategy that leverages on the potential of various digital platforms, whilst providing brand reach, brand recall, quality engagement and qualified leads at maximum bang for one’s buck!

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